Elena Ershova

  For a whole year i'm asking my Mom to write a short autobiography, but she hasn't spare time at all. So I have to do it myself. Let's begin! (There will be lots of grammar and other mistakes but please - ignore them =)
   My Mom is very artistic since Her childhood. At the first lesson of drawing She received a "F" mark in a diary for a "wrong" pencil and not standart glass jar for a water.
   Later, Her Art teacher encouraged the parents to send Lena in a children's art school. But They were opposed, as additional classes of art could affect the overall progress of the daughter in school.
   A year later, Mom herself, in a big secret from Grandma, realized her dream. Parents were convinced that his daughter goes to the courses "sewing", while Lena take the entrance exam at the school of art.
   The big dream of a small girl became the truth.
    Drawings have appeared everywhere: in the attic of their town house, on the Russian stove, in notebooks, on the pavement, in wall newspapers and even on T-shirts.
  Lena participated in the drawing competition and often accompanied her "works" by her own poems.
   Mom hasn't become professional artist yet, but the art has always been a part of her life. She wrote first oil painting 10 years ago. Since then, the house gradually began to turn into a workshop. Ships, angels, flowers and other "masterpieces" filled Her flat.
   In conjunction with the St. Petersburg Union of Artists were realized such creative projects as "All the colors of the rainbow for special children" and "Pikalevo - The city of the Sun". Art gives joy and smiles to all of people.
   Now, when She has a bit of spare time, Mom visits the evening drawing classes in the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of I.E Repin, and willingly shares her creative mood with each of You!

   One more thing. If my favourite teacher Elena Gromova read this text here i wish to say Huge THANKS for 2 years of Your classes. I know that I have already forgot everything about English grammar and style and the text is full of rusicisms, but i'm trying to keep the best expirience in mind. Without You, the English version of this site wouldn't exist at all.